LoccoDecals - wallpapers and stickers that will change your interior

Loccodecals is a shop with many creative products. We are here to help you to decorate interiors in different styles. Our peel and stick decals and removable wallpapers are printed on an innovative material. It is a fabric that sticks to every flat surface and is eaasily removable if you need to reposition it. We also print non-woven wall murals, if you prefer traditional way of decorating. Loccodecals team is really flexible – we make custom orders and do our best to answer every need!

Using decals in interior decoration process is one of the most recent trends worldwide. Removable decals help to decorate various items and pieces of furniture and removable stickers, peel and stick wallpaper is an innovative way to change the look of your wall. Be trendy and use decals in your modern home design. There is a lot to choose from on Loccodecals.com.

Many of us own furniture pieces from Ikea. In this shop you'll find some peel&stick decals for ikea hacks. Ikea furniture hacks has never been so easy as with Loccodecals removable stickers. If you own Kura Bed or a Malm dresser it takes only few clicks to order a set of peel and stick decals and nearly the same time to put them up after their arrive. There is a vast offer of Kura Bed decals, Malm decals and Duktig decals. You can change the interior for your kid or yourself, play with colors and find new ways to express yourself. Moreover, ikea furniture hack decals are removable, so when you change your mind, simply change the decor by peeling it back. Colorful and elegant, simple and abstract – you'll find many ways to express your designer skills with this product.

Are the old stairs in your home boring or you simply can't look at them any longer? No worries, there are stair decals that come in various sets and help you with changing the interior quick&easy. You can choose from many interesting patterns: nature inspirations, flowers, geometric designs, traditional patterns from different cultures. Take a look at the collection of peel and stick stair decals and find a perfect solution for your old stairs to give them a second life.

Decorating is not a monotonous thing when you have a set of removable tile decals. They can be used on an existing tile to give the kitchen, hall or bathroom a totally new look. This idea prevents us from unnecessary mess with buying new tiles and demolishing old ones. They can be also put directly on a furniture piece or a wall itself and create a very unique decoration, according to new trends in home decor. With tile decal you can do all – create a nice mosaic, put the landscape into life on your own wall, create a leafy or floral mish-mash.

When you feel it's high time to change something on your walls try to put some peel and stick decals on them. Create a unique effect with 3d hole in the wall or 3d window stickers. And if you own an old door you can upgrade them with help of Loccodecals Door Murals. Those fantastic decorative items will modify your room in an elegant and exeptional way. 3D effect is something that for sure makes an impression.

A removable wallpaper is a great, innovative way to completely change the atmosphere in your home. It works like a giant sticker, is very easy to put on and to change its position if needed. You don't need any glue to put it up and you don't create any mess. Simply find your favourite design from Loccodecals collection, peel&stick it at your place. For tradition lover we also offer a wallpaper on non-woven fabric. That means you'll need to use glue to put such wall mural up, but this option is abit cheper. So if you love our designs but cannot afford for peel&stick we are here to help and offer another high-quality solution. We love to help people feel great in their own indoors.

Loccodecals is a shop where you can find all those amazing items with beautiful, high-quality prints. We offer a vast choice of patterns – geometric decorations, floral prints, nature inspired ornaments, landscapes, real photo prints and many more. If, by any chance, you can't find a product for you we are able to custom its color and size and we are eager to provide you with the best solution.

Our shop provides you also with the best possible customer service. We don't stock decals and wallpapers, we print it after receiving your payment and it takes about 4 business days. Than just a shipping and the whole new decorative item becomes your own. The interior upgrade has never been so easy as with LoccoDecals products.