3D hole in the wall


3D hole in the wall stickers - beautiful and remarkable decorations!
Incredible, picturesque landscape, chromatic, charming bunch of flowers or lively, bright city, which one would you choose to see every morning while drinking coffee or during your afternoon relaxation? Now you don’t need to travel to a different city or countryside in order to enjoy this breathtaking views, the only thing you have to do is to take a look at your beautiful 3D hole in the wall decal.
Our wide range of different patterns and shapes allows you to create unique atmosphere in the interior. For instance if you want to have a piece of nature nearby, there are many stickers presenting the beauty of exotic trees, blue lagoon or immense mountains. On the other hand there are also many ornaments with the skyline of the city or geometric patterns.

Decals that look incredibly realistic
3D hole in the wall stickers are perfect decorations for everybody who admire realistic decals with astonishing landscapes. They look like a genuine pictures of one of the most incredible places on the earth, such as fishing village in Hawaii, Eiffel tower or Italian town in Tuscany.
This lovely ornaments create unique aura and are very interesting due to the illusion that you look through the hole in your wall. If you would like to redecorate your living room or bedroom you should definitely apply the decals in a visible place, so that you can always enjoy their beauty.

Useful features that would make it easier to apply the sticker
Every sticker we create is made out of durable and very solid materials, because it is important for us to ensure we offer the highest quality we possibly can. Therefore, 3D hole in the wall decals are waterproof and washable, so that you can clean them easily with dry cloth.
Additionally, fabrics used during production are tearing and creasing resistant, so they would be definitely reliable for a really long time. Stick-and-peel decals are easy and quick to apply and due to their removability it is also possible to stick them somewhere else whenever you decide to do that.

Ideal way to change your interior arrangement
There are many easy and quick techniques to redecorate the space in your house, but stickers are also unbelievably adorable and would definitely bewilder your family and friends. They look authentically and appeal to almost everybody. If you want to surround yourself with some unique ornaments, 3D hole in the wall stickers are one of the most extraordinary ideas to redesign your interior.