Ikea duktig decals - perfect ornament for your child’s room
Many children have countless amount of eye-catching, entertaining toys, so it is incredibly hard to focus their attention on just one of them for a longer time. They become bored easily, but to prevent this from happening, we created colorful and extraordinary Ikea Duktig stickers that match perfectly with Ikea’s kitchen for kids and entirely change its appearance.
Abundance of colors trigger their imagination and create perfect atmosphere in order to have a lot of fun while playing waiter, chef or cook. Ikea Duktig decals would definitely appeal to many children because of a wide range of patterns, such as exotic, bright flowers or animals, for example flamingos and butterflies, or interesting geometrics.

Easy and fast way to redecorate the room
Fabulous Ikea Duktig stickers can be cleaned easily with a cloth, so you don’t need to worry about the smudges made by little hands. Due to self-adhesive fabric, you can apply it by yourself really fast and change its location many times. Stickers are also tearing and creasing resistant, so your child can play without being afraid to scratch or destroy them. Furthermore, owing to waterproof features decals won’t be damaged so easily.
If you look for a way to redecorate not only toys, but also the whole room, you can stick Ikea Duktig decal to the wall and other furnitures such as bed, cupboard or desk. What is more, it is possible to customize the size and color of chosen sticker to fit your house ideally or to place an order without the biggest decal, when you don’t need it.

Astonishing patterns that would cheer up your whole interior
Imagine perfect place to play, relax, read books and enjoy free time with your kid. It probably is spacious, full of light and vivid colors. In order to live up to those expectations, our gorgeous Ikea Duktig stickers are bright, colorful and splendid, so they develop your child’s perception and allow to have a lot of fun, in the most beautiful space you have ever seen. Incredible patterns available such as pineapples, watermelons, oranges or lemons, would definitely whet your appetite and increase your pleasure from eating delicious, imaginary breakfast or dinner made by your kid.
With Ikea Duktig decals you can create wide range of diverse arrangements, because they harmonize with many styles including industrial, boho or popular scandinavian one. Moreover they would for sure attract your child, creating great opportunity to play.