Redecorating the interior has never been easier!

Everyday we keep working on the best quality fabrics and the most stunning designs, in order to make sure you are fully satisfied with the decorations we offer. With the same engagement we created our modern, removable wallpapers which would ease your life and help you in redecorating the whole house.

Many astounding patterns, solid materials and real passion - these are the main factors responsible for our success. The designs we made would take your breath away and give many opportunities to refurbish your whole house. You can use them wherever you want and create extraordinary atmosphere that would definitely surprise your family and friends

Wallpapers that match perfectly with your inimitable style

Our beautiful non- woven wallpapers have countless amount of different patterns and colors. If you are looking for something specific you would probably find it in our store, because of the wide variety of designs we offer. On the other hand, supposing your expectations are not precise you can always inspire yourself and choose something from our unique products.

Wallpapers from Locco decals store are great decorations which match ideally with many different styles. If you prefer cosy, classic interior design there are many ornaments with elegant, natural patterns such as gold leaves, monochromatic plants or gracious flowers. You can also find more vivid and colorful non-woven wallpapers, for instance covered with exotic parrots, cheerful writings and bright, delightful landscapes.

The best quality and conveniences specially for you

In our offer you can find removable and non-woven wallpapers. The first one are made out of durable and removable fabrics to allow you to get rid of them anytime you want and relocate it somewhere else, without destroying the wall. Furthermore, they are also tearing and creasing resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any scratches. Their matte surface looks elegant and is self-adhesive so you can stick them without any help. Non-woven wallpapers can be washed with damp cloth and are produced with stretch resistant and solid materials. In order to apply it, you need special wallpaper adhesive.

Additionally, we offer a few different dimensions to choose from, but there also is a possibility to customize the size. If you would like to see our incredible quality and colors by yourself we offer you the sample of them. Have the courage to change your interior into something completely new without spending a fortune to pay for renovation company. Find the pattern that suits you and redecorate your room, making it look up-to-date and astonishing.