Kura bed

Ikea Kura bed decals - ideal way to redecorate the bed
Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the whole house which definitely need to be treated specially. This is the place where you or your child wake up in the morning after well-earned rest and go to bed after a long and exhausting time. In order to start or finish your daily routine with a beautiful smile on your face, it is necessary to surround yourself with lovely furnitures and decorations, that make you feel cosy and comfortable.
By applying Ikea Kura bed decals you can easily create incredible atmosphere and change the design of Kura bed made by Ikea with which the stickers are compatible. This bed created for children is quite minimalistic and simple, so many color schemes are going to consort with it, changing totally the way it looks without much effort.

Breathtaking diversity of staggering patterns
Ikea Kura bed stickers help bring to life even the most extraordinary, imaginative ideas, such as having a forest or garden in the room. It can be done because of variety of patterns, especially those connected strongly with the world of nature. For instance, if your kid loves animals, there are stickers with penguins, butterflies or sharks and if he or she dreams about the jungle in the bedroom, you can choose from many floral designs, such as colorful, vivid flowers, tropical leaves or exotic palm trees.
Due to wide selection, it is very easy to completely change the style of your interior without throwing money at new furniture. Available stickers match perfectly with not only bright and spacious, but also darker and smaller rooms, cheering them up. Children would absolutely love these Ikea Kura bed decals due to their flashy, attention-grabbing colors and plenty of shapes and patterns.

Stickers made out of high quality fabric
In order to redecorate your house without renovating it once again after a few months, it is crucial to use ornaments made out of the best materials which are durable and solid. Our Ikea Kura bed stickers are peel-and-stick and removable, so if you won’t be satisfied with the way they look, you can apply it in a different location.
What is more, they are also waterproof and you can always wash them in case your child smudge them with dirty hands. Last but not least feature is being tearing and creasing resistant, so you don’t have to worry that sticker would be accidentally damaged during the play.
Buying Ikea Kura bed decals is astonishing, fabulous and the most important - easy way to change the character of your child’s bedroom, making dreams come true and creating remarkable space to entertain, relax and spend great time.