2019-09-05 09:21:44

Trending, Innovative Ideas for Blank Walls

Do you have any blank spaces on your walls? There is so many interesting and creative ways to decorate them! The best I can think of right now is using a 3D window effect wall sticker which is getting more and more popular now. Is it going to dominate all the other wall decorations?

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2019-07-22 10:51:22

Stair ideas without carpet - try a stair decals

Are you tired of cleaning your staircase? Imagine that you’re sitting in your hallway whole day and cleaning your staircase and the time passes, and passes and you’re still not even close to an end. And finally you are exhausted and frustrated. Reality could be different. Think about using stair decals and spend more time with your family rather than on home cleaning.

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2019-06-27 12:31:12

Kitchen under construction – summer home decor for little girls and their mums

It’s summertime, so the best occasion for minor or major changes at your home. Some of you would want to rearrange the whole kitchen or a livingroom but some of you will be searching for a small decorations e.g. kitchen accessories or a wall decor. Today, let’s start with kitchen decor ideas.

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2019-05-28 10:10:12

How to decorate child's room in summer

Summer is peeping around the corner. Why not to make some changes in the nursery? Your children would love the eye-catching, fruity watermelon decals on their Ikea’s kitchen! Give your child’s room some summer vibes and refresh their Ike'as kitchen without worrying about smudges and dirt. Fruit watermelon stickers are perfect match for  this sunny season - your child would love them!

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2019-04-26 09:49:38

White & Green Staircase Ideas


Staircase is an important element of your home. While we care so much about decorating our interiors, we really often forget about decorating a staircase. We leave it blank and without character or colors.
Stair Decals is the thing you should go for!! Easy to use decoration on a peel&stick material will be a little mess-free makeover. It's a simple and effective way to make your home look totally different. No need for overhaul or total renovation.


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2019-01-30 13:35:14

3 Floral Kura Bed Designs for Modern Interior

Ikea Kura Bed colorful decals is the best and most lovely way to decorate your little one's kura bed. This beautiful kind of decoration will bring fun and lighten up every place. Furniture stickers are the best way to enhance an interior without making any mess or overhaul!

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