White & Green Staircase Ideas

Staircase is an important element of your home. While we care so much about decorating our interiors, we really often forget about decorating a staircase. We leave it blank and without character or colors.

Stair Decals is the thing you should go for!! Easy to use decoration on a peel&stick material will be a little mess-free makeover. It's a simple and effective way to make your home look totally different. No need for overhaul or total renovation.

Don't forget that those decals are removable, so you can change them anytime you want!!
Here is top 3 floral white&green staircase stickers examples:

1. Leaves Stair Decals
A stairway stickers set that will definitely fit into white interiors. A few bright green leaves motif will add a refreshing look to your home and will turn your boring staircase into something really interesting.

2. Tropical Palm Tree Stair Decals
Ideal choice for bright interiors with brown details. This motif finds it's place in interior design trends for year 2019. It is a great example of what decals you should keep an eye on. Thanks to removable stairway stickers, intesive, yet relaxing green color will make your interior look way more interesting and well-kept.

3. Tropical Leaves Stair Decals
If you are looking for a calming theme, you can't miss this staircase idea. Peacefully floating green leaves give a spright feeling of purity and calmness.

The only thing you need to do is to enjoy your totally new apartment!!

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