Tile decals

Is it possible to redecorate the kitchen or bathroom in just a few minutes?

If you ask any renovation company the answer is probably no, because it is time-consuming and require many skills to cover the room with tiles properly, but if you ask us it is definitely yes! What is more, to do that you don’t need any help or special equipment, the only thing that is crucial is your imagination and willingness to create totally new interior.

Our passionate designers created modern and functional tile decals which are easy to apply and very durable. You can stick them on your old tiles and after just a few minutes enjoy completely new arrangement. In addition it is possible to choose from wide variety of beautiful and trendy patterns to make sure they fit in your own style.

Very fast and easy way to transform your interior

In order to change your kitchen or bathroom usually it is necessary to hire a professional and be really patient. In other rooms renovation is often only about painting the walls, but when you would like to change your tiles it takes much more time to pick, buy and then lay them.

To save your money and effort we offer tile stickers made specially for you! They would cover your old tiles making them look brand new, colorful and unbelievably eye-catching. Moreover, the materials used to produce the decals are waterproof, so without any doubt you can apply them close to the bath, sink or shower for example in a backsplash, just remember not to spill water directly on them. For free we can also customize the size of tile decals to live up to your expectations.

Wide range of extraordinary patterns and bright colors

It is extremely important to feel good in your own house, so to create pleasant and homey atmosphere you definitely have to take care of the design. With our tile stickers it is easy to make your interior look cosy and cheerful. Diversity of patterns is stunning, so for sure you would find something that appeals to you.

If you prefer minimalistic, modern interiors there are stickers with monochromatic mosaic or geometric patterns. However, most of the decorations match perfectly with traditional, classic style emphasizing its beauty. For instance there are many tile decals with floral ornaments such as vivid roses, lovely, blue peonies or colorful wildflowers. On the other hand if you would like to have a piece of exotic place in your kitchen or bathroom we offer stickers with breathtaking landscapes such as immense mountains, sunny beach or tropical sunset. Use imagination, inspire yourself with our charming tile stickers and refurbish your house quickly to enjoy totally new arrangement!